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Promedia Podcast Episode 004
Time-length-icon 8m 51s
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Publish-date-icon July 6, 2007
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Hi there and welcome to episode 4 of the Promedia Podcast; as usual I’ve included another 3 songs for your listening pleasure; to reiterate I was thinking about including some of my early material, we’re talking 1990 onwards; I have to warn you some of the recording techniques were not particularly stellar but I just about managed to capture the essence of the songs. So what do you think; would you like to hear some ‘retro’ stuff too?

Track 1 is called ‘Nice’n’Sleazy’, I only finished recording it the day before the show was posted. The song itself started as an idea for a bass line, and was originally in a minor key; after sleeping on the track it was obvious it wasn’t going anywhere so decided to start a fresh. As you’ll hear it kind of sounds like your traditional 70’s porn track. I’m not sure if it’s the Wah Guitar or the Hammond Organ? I’ve used a ton of soft synths on this track, I’ve used the B4 (a virtual Hammond), a Pro 53 (a virtual Prophet) and also a Virtual KORG Mono Synth for the Bass line, I do hope you like it, it was a lot of fun to compose, especially the honky-tonk piano parts.

Track 2 is called ‘Looking up’ (as in ‘Things are’), don’t ask me to explain the name because I can’t; this song was inspired by a commercial MIDI file I was commissioned to program called ‘You only get what you give’ by The new radicals; if you ever hear the song you’ll hear the similarities immediately.

Track 3 is called ‘Seeing the light’ and was inspired by a 3 note jingle I once heard on BBC Radio Scotland, the whole song is based on the first three notes of the song (G, D and C), and unusually for me most of the song is based on only two chords (C and Bb).

I hope you enjoy the tracks, I had contemplated adding speech to the Podcast but wasn’t sure if that would actually add anything, is that something you would like to hear? Talking about the songs, their history and what went into creating them? One last thing… If you subscribed to the show via iTunes I would appreciate any honest feedback

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