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Promedia Podcast Episode 003
Time-length-icon 7m 56s
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Publish-date-icon July 3, 2007
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Hi there and welcome to episode 3 of the Promedia Podcast; I’ve included another 3 songs for your listening pleasure; I was actually thinking about including some of my early material, we’re talking 1990 onwards; I have to warn you some of the recording techniques were not particularly stellar but I just about managed to capture the essence of the songs. So what do you think; would you like to hear some ‘retro’ stuff too?

Track 1 is called ‘Propaganda’, I have no idea why I picked the name other than the intro sounded somehow political, and there was also a German 80s band of the same name I liked too. The song was originally created for Media Tracks library CD; I was commissioned to create 2 tracks so I created 3 (just to be on the safe side). The intro is very orchestral, or as orchestral as I could get with the kit I had. After the intro the song morphs into a funky dance track with orchestral strings featuring prominently throughout (orchestral strings were part of my brief when composing the song).

Track 2 is called ‘Head over Heels’ and was created for a remake of the classic 80s 8 bit computer game of the same name. I was in touch with one of the developers at the time but lost touch due to other commitments. You’ll recognise the style of you heard 8 bit Junkie on the last Podcast. The whole song was inspired by the drum loop you can hear in the background.

Track 3 is called ‘Fatal attraction’ and was defiantly inspired by the kind of stuff Anistacia was putting out at the time, I believe she had a keyboard player playing the Bass parts at the time, this track is also rather special because it features some ‘real’ guitar, one of my musician friends (Stuart Craston) was kind enough to record the verse rhythm guitar and also the guitar solo, cheers Stu!

I hope you enjoy the tracks, I had contemplated adding speech to the Podcast but wasn’t sure if that would actually add anything, is that something you would like to hear? Talking about the songs, their history and what went into creating them? One last thing… If you subscribed to the show via iTunes I would appreciate any honest feedback

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