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Promedia Podcast Episode 002
Time-length-icon 9m 15s
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Publish-date-icon July 2, 2007
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Hi there and welcome to episode 2 of the Promedia Podcast; I had some great feedback already from the first show lots of friends request and even a fan. If you are a musician and you also create your own music please get in touch with me, I’d love to feature your songs on the show too.

Track 1 this week is called 8 bit junkie; the 8 bit refers to the kind of music you might have heard on an old sk00l 8 bit machine (like a Commodore 64); the music chips were very limited so the musicians had to be very creative to get the most out of the machines. Because the hardware only supported 3 note polyphony in some cases a common trick was to use a very fast arpeggio (basically a chord with the notes staggered) to emulate a chord. This method gave these songs a unique quality and style and I wanted to use this effect on 8 bit junkie, I hope you like it.

Track 2 is called Proteus and is an out and out dance song which I did back in 2001, at the time I was still programming commercial MIDI files and had done some dance songs cover versions. After listening to the tracks and figuring out the various elements that go to make up a dance track (must genre music is formulaic I suppose) I wanted to see if I had what it took (I was in my late 30s don’t forget) to create an authentic sounding dance track, I will let you be the judge.

Track 3 is called Critical mass, I’m, afraid there not a lot to tell here, the song kind of developed by itself. I think I had recently finished a Girls Aloud MIDI file (Sound of the underground) and was inspired by the feel. I also liked the Pulp fiction guitar sound and how it sounded through a digital delay.

I hope you enjoy the tracks, I had contemplated adding speech to the Podcast but wasn’t sure if that would actually add anything, is that something you would like to hear? Talking about the songs, their history and what went into creating them? One last thing… If you subscribed to the show via iTunes I would appreciate any honest feedback

Message to Pod Casters I invite you to browse through the songs on this site and download anything that strikes your fancy. I have released this music under the Creative Commons license and agreed to allow the music to be used by you in any way and form for webcasting, as long as you don't take credit for the original work. I hope you will find something that will be useful to you in your Pod Cast!

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